Open House Roundup: Downtown Penthouse Edition

With new penthouses on Manhattan’s Upper East Side missing their Mark and Chelsea finding itself suddenly in demand, one has to wonder how the big houses in the sky south of 34th St. hold up in this still uncertain market. On a soggy Sunday, we traveled to a trio of newish developments in High Line Land … Continue reading

High Rents Make A Comeback; Migratory Midwestern Lovebirds Nest in Manhattan

1.)    A doting Midwestern couple endured a five-year journey to upgrade from their sunny but staid one-bedroom Yorkville co-op to a hotter downtown nabe. Besieged by a slew of budget-busters, the fatigued Missourians finally settled on 1,000 square feet of black-walled Barrow Street garage conversion goodness – rent-to-own style – for $899k while taking a … Continue reading